Mindset Monthly is my only coaching programme designed specifically for you as a business woman based in Essex (for local networking events only, please see Connected Women).

So, what is Mindset Monthly and why is it relevant to me?

As entrepreneurs and independent business owners we often work alone. It can at times be isolating and overwhelming, and while you LOVE being able to make all your own decisions without answering to anyone, you also know deep down that it would be SO useful to have other free-thinking trailblazers to bounce ideas off, and engage in enthusiastic conversation with.

Yes, you can run stuff by your spouse/ friends/ family… it’s just that sometimes they just don’t (or can’t) GET what it’s like to be you.

With Mindset Monthly you will get some solid and regular face-to-face development time with me as your mentor and a small group of other likeminded women.  

Enjoy the eye contact, the banter, the real human connection that you don’t always have on a day-to-basis in your ‘office’.  In your non-judgemental coaching group each woman is committed to not only making strides in their own development but also to be present and supportive to you and each other.

You’ll get:




New relationships

Self-worth, self-belief, confidence

And you get ALL of this AT OUR MONTHLY MEETINGS as well as refreshments along with bottomless cups of tea/coffee and plenty of cake!

Sessions are led by me at The Nesting Place, set in the beautiful Chelmsford countryside, with great access and free parking.    

What more could you possibly need to feel inspired, uplifted and supported as you take steps forward in your business?!  

The investment for the next round is £225 – SPACES ARE LIMITED AND FILL UP. 

Contact me directly today on 07930 993466 or steph@stephgrainger.com so I can find out all about you and your business, your needs and tell you all the exciting details for the next start date.

Alternatively reach out using the contact form below