If my bestie was telling you about me, she would say that I am passionate and loyal to the end (in fact if you cut me in half the word ‘LOYAL’ runs through me like a stick of rock), and that my drive to support women at hugely pivotal times in their lives is beyond measure!

One of my big “why’s” for doing what I do, is because I have been there. I have felt the isolation and fear of wanting to take a huge leap of faith, but not knowing where or how to even begin! I felt uninspired and muted and knew I had so much more to offer, but the fogginess of fear that can come from running your own business, can keep you in that safe and comfortable position, of always doing what you always do, and not getting anywhere fast (or at least I felt that way)

I have done the work, in order to bring my business dreams to life and into fruition. I am not going to lie, sometimes it got messy and confusing, and particularly when limiting beliefs and experiences of the past reared their ugly heads. We can so often get bogged down by our own internal thoughts and limitations, that it can seem way too frightening.

But I found support and ultimately accountability, and I faced it head on. Supported and guided, I  brought my dreams into reality.

Holding space for a woman and being privileged to be present and witness to transformation in whatever capacity is required, makes my heart sing.

I feel blessed every day that I get to be a small piece in someone’s life as they do the work needed for them to fly in both their business and personal lives – after all, both are intrinsically intertwined.

I know, deep down to the core of my being, that women deserve better:

Better support, better understanding,

My commitment to you is to provide a space of non-judgement and unconditional support, metaphorically hold your hand (and physically if needed) as you share your goals, dreams and aspirations for your business.

I, in turn, will share my tools and techniques (both strategic and therapeutic) to help you make clear and concise decisions, to support your business goals, enabling you to move forward with confidence and clarity.

I am offering you the opportunity now to de-clutter your head, discover all that you want to be as well as rediscover all that you already are.


Be the very best version of YOU!


Now is the time to finally take those steps forwards in your business, and start living all areas of your life in a way that feels so much better for you and all those around you.

Every positive change in your life begins with a clear, unequivocal decision that you are either going to do something, or stop doing something.