This one-to-one coaching programme is an intensive, three month deep-dive into your business where I walk beside you through your journey of discovery, with completely dedicated support and undivided attention, as well as a totally private space to share and manifest your deepest desires into your REALITY. 

You don’t have to be 100% clear on the direction that you want to take your business right now, as long as you are ready and committed to:

Face your biggest (sometimes scary) goals – the ones that give you the butterflies

Go after what you want in all areas of your life

Dare to accept you are destined for great things

Be that strong role model who inspires everyone around you

Admit to yourself that you are literally on the verge of living the life you dream of

Own your power and make it work for you

Believe and invest in yourself to accelerate your success


I have walked your path and I am here to share my experience of exactly HOW you can be everything you want to be. 

I know that sometimes your limiting beliefs and fears get the better of you. I know you get overwhelmed when your work/life balance is not quite right. I understand that you sometimes allow your inner ‘negative Nancy’ to control the direction that you move in.

Being a strong woman in business is not an easy path but it IS your calling. You are often isolated and at times it is just too hard to do alone. Sometimes you feel like giving up! But you and I both know that you are not ready to let this opportunity go. 

Joining forces with me on the ‘Accelerate Success’ programme will give you that accountability you need and straight talking to get you back on the fast track to success.

With me as your personal one-to-one mentor for three months (and my love and support beyond that) you will have all the space in the world to declutter your head, as well as rediscover all that you already are and a renewed enthusiasm for everything you want to be. 

With ‘Accelerate Success’ you get me all to yourself. You have an idea? I’m there. You want to rant? I’m there. You want to say that desire out loud that feels almost ridiculous? I’m there. In person, on the phone, however you need me around-the-clock.

I am NOT a ‘yes’ person, that’s not why you are investing in this. I will tell it like it is, share tools and techniques (both strategic and therapeutic), help you make clear and concise decisions and support your business goals which will ultimately, enable you to move forward with confidence and clarity. And of course as my new buddy, I’ll get you access to my massive network of contacts for whatever you need to make things happen.  

I AM speaking directly to you and the ‘Accelerate Success’ programme is designed for you.

The investment for your three-month long immersive Accelerate Success programme is £697.00 If cash flow is tight then payment plans are available. 

Contact me directly today on 07930 993466 or and let’s chat to see if you’re right and ready for this. If it feels right, I’ll tell you all about how we get started and how our three months together is going to look.


Alternatively reach out using the contact form below.