This group coaching programme is a thorough, three month exploration of your business potential, where you will work alongside a small yet powerful group of equally inspiring entrepreneurs ready to finally make things happen.   

With this programme I hand-pick the participants whose personalities and approach will inspire and complement each other. 

You’ll worry if you’re good enough to be in such company, and your ‘comparisonitis’ might hit you hard. It’s time you broke through this mindset, because, on the other side of your fear is every success you dream of.  You are good enough, your ideas are good enough and you CAN make it happen with ‘Breakthrough Mastermind’ where we will all have your back.  

This programme is open nationwide wherever you are based, as most (but not all) of the work is done remotely and virtually using a private online forum and video meetings. Are you who I’m looking for? Ask yourself whether you are ready to: 

Explore all the ideas and goals you’ve kept in your head for far too long

Take brave action to achieve big goals

Be the best version of yourself every day

Gain relationships that will lift you up

Stop feeling like you have to do it all alone 

Receive support and accountability

Share your wisdom and accept the help from your new crew

There is nothing better than having a circle of powerful women around you daily to bounce ideas off, as well as laugh and release the whole range of emotions with. I will lead the group but you will find that a lot of the magic happens in the relationships between you. I have been through this process and it was, and still is, literally life changing. The women you bond with will stay with you beyond the three months, maybe forever. 

This transforming ‘Breakthrough Mastermind’ programme will, once and for all, allow you to gain clarity on what it is you desire and make the necessary steps to finally start moving forwards, with confidence and self-belief.

It doesn’t matter if you are not clear on the direction you want to take your business, whether it’s your existing business you want to develop or launch something entirely new. Maybe you need to sort through those 1,000 ideas in your head to see which ones are truly YOU?

THIS is the space to do it. 

The investment for your three-month long Breakthrough Mastermind programme ***FOR THE NEXT ROUND ONLY*** is £495! If cash flow is tight then payment plans are available. 

Contact me directly today on 07930 993466 or and let’s chat to see if you’re right and ready for this. If it feels right, I’ll tell you all about how we get started and how our three months together is going to look. The next round is starting soon.

Alternatively reach out using the contact form below.