I recently got asked on one of my Instagram posts why I used an image with the words #girlboss on it. Why I was happy to use language prefixing with female terminology, when men don’t use #boyboss, they just say ‘Boss’. The poster went on to say that by me doing this, I was “perpetuating the male – female divide’

Just to remind you, language is my thing! I LOVE the way in which we use words personally, and how a simple word can mean so much to one, whilst to another it means very little, and this was a brilliant example of that.

I can totally see where this poster was coming from, when she commented on my choice of visual aid, and how important it was to her, but I hold a very different belief around this and one I would love to share with you now.

I believe women and men can never be equal, because we are not the same, ON SO MANY LEVELS, and that is a beautiful thing.

However, the word equality holds a very different meaning to me when we are talking about the work place – so when it comes to men and women doing the same thing – i.e the same job with the same responsibilities – the financial reward should be equal regardless of how one identifies.

See how language is SO personal?

I will even go as far as to say that I don’t want to be treated like a man, because I am not a man.

I am a woman, and I celebrate that fact.

I am also Mum to three young men, and wife to a big grown up man. I live in a house full of Men, I want them to be seen and treated as individuals.

I love men, and I celebrate all that they are.

I am a Girl, Lady, Woman, Mum, Female, Wife, Daughter, Mumpreneur, and a brilliant Woman in Business.

I am more than ok with all those terms (along with many more)

Generations of women have fought very hard for me to be in a hugely privileged position of being able to say that and for me to be able to stand in my female power and shout that for everyone to hear.

Because of these badass, powerful women, (the suffragettes) I can vote and MY voice matters.

And it is for this reason, that it’s SO important for me to 100% own my feminine power (as I see it)

It is for this reason, that I have been supporting women, at hugely pivotal times in their lives, to rise, take the reins, and be all that they want to be, in all areas of their lives.

Whether it is when they are birthing and becoming a mother for the first or the third time, or in their business’s – the event may not be the same, but the action is.

When I hear words like Girlboss or Fempreneur – I don’t see a divide, I see power and the rise of the woman for her unique qualities and beauty, and to me that is a damn fine thing!

Steph xx