Do you have hopes and dreams for your business, but are unsure how to bring them into fruition? Do you frequently feel the fear of taking a leap of faith, in case you fail and worry what others may think? Do you often struggle with your work/life balance, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others around you and feeling not good enough? Could you use some accountability and motivation?

My strategic tools, techniques and direction can help you run your business, up-level your mindset and keep you moving forward towards bigger and bolder things. 

Whether you are local to me in Essex or anywhere in the World, I have a business therapy package for you at various stages in your business development.

My packages bring you clarity, self belief, confidence and ultimately a springboard to start moving forwards in your business and create the life you desire and deserve.





This three-month group coaching package is tailored to you as a local business-owner in Essex. This option offers face-to-face meetings with me, group support, accountability, shared knowledge and an opportunity to build a community of peers.

Being a woman in business can at times be isolating, and overwhelming, and I know only too well how useful it is to have other business women to bounce ideas off, engage in conversation, along with gain some accountability.

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This option is for you wherever you are in the World with weekly Mastermind calls and fully interactive online support. This intensive three-month programme is perfect if you have already Identified areas in your business that are holding you back. If you truly feel like NOW is the time to take action, and you are 100% ready and committed to make the necessary strides forward then what are you waiting for? Join Breakthrough Mastermind LAUNCHING JULY 2019!

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This is my one-to-one premium package option that is available to you wherever you are in the World. You know that you are destined for great things, and can literally see it, just over that bridge! You know that you are on the verge of greatness, and most of all………you know that you are powerful.

This is my most intensive deep dive into your business yet. Only the bravest need apply.

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