“I look back at the short 6 months that I’ve been having business therapy with Steph for and I can’t believe the amount of things we’ve covered. Steph has challenged me, taught me, encouraged me. She has held space for me. She has heard me. She has shown me that I, and my wellbeing, matter to my business. That my business IS me.

She has seen in me and my work, things I didn’t even know were there. And held up a mirror for me to see more clearly the good that I was blind to. She has never once told I needed to change.

She has given me strategies for work, coping techniques for when I’ve needed them. She’s helped me to join up the dots between areas trauma and sadness and stresses and strains now and how to smash barriers out of the way.

She’s a cheerleader without the bullshit. She’s helping me to uncover my intuition, and learn to trust myself again.”

Chiara Evans, Natural Happy Families

“After 20 years in the corporate world I started my own business so that I could have the flexibility to work around my two young children.

Running my own business has been totally rewarding but at times has also felt quite stressful and overwhelming, especially when juggling business with family life. Confidence issues, self-limiting beliefs and past experiences that I wasn’t aware existed have also at times prevented me from moving forward.

I work with Steph on a regular basis to uncover and overcome these obstacles so that I can clear my mind and move forward in my life and business. The work she does to support and guide you with a variety of different methods and therapies is beyond amazing. I feel comfortable in her surroundings and am able to openly speak about my experiences both past and present which enables me to reach my goals and remove those limiting beliefs that linger inside of us .

I am easily able to identify now when I need that additional guidance and Steph is always there to support me and help me move forward. My confidence and drive after her sessions help to keep me focused and on track and this has really helped me grow my business!”


Danielle Heath, Mums in Business



“I’m utterly amazed at what has shifted and unblocked following my session with Steph today. It was extraordinary. I’m feeling so different, totally lighter, buzzier, more inner peace, yet creative and excited! Steph, your intuition is insane, you were absolutely spot on. I don’t know how you work your magic, but you do.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Kit Mills, The Emotional Athlete


“This programme allowed me to face some of my biggest fears, in a safe environment, which allows you to open up and clear the baggage you are holding onto.

I’ve begun to see the change and benefits of my time with Steph and the skills I’ve learnt will help me continue on my journey.

Steph is amazing and a great listener and I am able to be now more than just mum with thanks to Steph for making that happen.”

Victoria, Chelmsford

“I’ve been sat trying to work out how to describe the monthly mind-set sessions I’ve been attending & the conclusion I’ve come to is it’s impossible to sum these up these sessions or articulate just how fab I think they are! I have learnt so much about business and about myself – who knew that the two were linked in such an inexplicable way!

When I started my business, I naively thought I’d just be doing something I loved and hadn’t given a huge amount of thought to the business side of things. These sessions have helped me to navigate the business side of owning my own business but also reminded me why I started the business – I am more inspired than ever! And on top of that I have met some incredible, strong and talent women who I’ve already learnt so much from.

Without doubt this has been a brilliant investment in not only the business but in me as a person! Loved it! Plus it gave me an excuse to buy new stationary and everyone loves that!”

Mindset Monthly Client

“I have attended Steph’s workshops since they have launched. I love the focus it gives me with my business and how it helps me uncover and overcome mind blocks, limiting beliefs and other obstacles that may be preventing me from moving forward in my business.

I always walk away from the sessions with clarity on where I need to go next with my business be it goals that I want to action or personal issues that may be stopping me from moving forward. Not only does it help with all aspects on my business and me as a person I love that the groups are filled with inspiration, support and like-minded women in business who understand the ups and downs of working for yourself.

I always feel empowered and ready to take action on either my own personal development or to achieve my goals 💖”

Mindset Monthly Client