I am first and foremost a Mum, and a super proud one at that! I have been raising my tribe of boys (now Men) since 1996!

When I had my first son it was natural choice for me to be a stay at home Mum, I felt blessed and grateful that I could make that choice and I was completely fulfilled by that. This was my ‘job’ my chosen ‘career path’ at that time, and between 1996 and 2007 I birthed and raised three beautiful sons.

It was in 2007 that my marriage to their dad broke down, a deeply sad time for us all, this was categorically not what I wanted for my children, having seen my parents’ divorce when I was younger too. It was BY FAR the hardest decision I have ever had to make, action and support my children through. We had a few bumpy months whilst we all adjusted and got used to our new normal, but slowly and surely, we found our way.

It was also at this time, that I made the decision to go out the house to work, my youngest son was about to start school, so it felt that it was as good as time as ever to investigate what it was that would float my boat. Before becoming a Mum, I worked in the travel industry but that now felt so out of alignment to me, I wasn’t (and didn’t want to recapture) the woman I was pre-kids, my sons are my greatest achievement to DATE.

I had this feeling that NOW was the time! My children were secure in our new way of life, I was now in a committed, loving relationship, and I knew I had something deep inside of me, something that was busting to get out…..it was a very quiet voice that I could barely hear and at times I actively muted it, but every now and then it would get louder…… NOW was my moment to carpe diem!

I dug deep…..I took a giant leap of faith and  opened up and pushed through a big scary door! In 2010 I ventured into a new world, one in which I would find ‘my tribe’, women like ME, friends that I had been searching for all of my life! I met people that truly got me, worked with clients that valued (actually PAID for my services), I witnessed families being created many times and other women rediscovering themselves just as I had and I have walked though many more doors which have provided opportunities and supported me to become the woman I am today!

But you would be wrong in assuming this was all a walk in the park! When I say I dug deep, I DUG DEEP! There were days where skeletons of the past would present themselves to me and my instinct was to run and hide! Days where I opened up Pandora’s box and didn’t like what I found inside! Self-doubt, negative thoughts ‘Give up this is too hard’ ‘Just get a ‘normal’ job’ ‘I am not good enough’ ‘People won’t pay for my services’ are just a few of the reoccurring thoughts and beliefs!

So how did I ‘Just keep swimming’ (my daily mantra), what did I do to keep myself going!?

I invested in myself! I got therapy and then SOME MORE! I believed I could do everything I wanted to, so I found people to support me, people who believed in ME! I read and continue to read books that lift me up, that support my mindset, that ignite my soul.

I surround myself with beautiful people, I have truly authentic relationships, ones where I never compromise who I am, and that includes my marriage. My husband is MY biggest cheerleader, his ongoing support is invaluable, we are a true equal partnership (because I wouldn’t accept anything less)

I feel immense pride when my sons talk about my work, and that thread runs through to my parents, my brother, my friends, my colleagues.

Mental well-being and self-discovery is an ongoing process, to this day I have support systems in place. Be it my tribe, EFT therapy (Emotional Freedom technique), Hypnotherapy, my personal trainer that kicks my ass physically and my business mentor who kicks it mentally.

I invest in my mental well-being EVERY.SINGLE.DAY because I know I am worth it!

So, my question to you is simple!

Are you at a pivotal time in your life when you are READY to step into the next exciting phase of your life?

Do you feel lost maybe, in a maze with no directions to the exit, and want to rediscover who you are aside from being an amazing mum!

Do you have an exciting idea, or feel ready to re-educate/reinvent or return to something you did pre kids?

Maybe you are recently divorced and ready to take on the world and become the woman you always knew you were born to be?

It could be that your children are flying the nest and you feel a little lost, or maybe unsure of yourself and what to do next, how to enjoy this part?

I know for many of us, our inner confidence has taken a bit of a hit, because we have felt so safe in what we have been doing for so long. The old, pre version of you, would have had no issue whatsoever changing jobs, or completely reinventing herself, but things have changed now.

Who would want to employ you now?

I am too old to go back to school?

FEAR has got you standing still, and frozen in time.

I GET it, I have LIVED it, I UNDERSTAND it…….

I am here to walk beside you as you dig deep, just as I did, and find or rediscover the woman you were born to be, alongside all that you already are!

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I know I can’t wait to meet her.

Steph xx