One of the things I love the most, is being surrounded by like minded women, ready to create big changes in their personal and business lives, sitting around a table, brainstorming, and offering unconditional support to one another.

So, it will come as no surprise, that I was high as a kite after my ‘Kick-start 2019’ event, that I hosted at my beautiful business premises, The Nesting Place in January 2019

Six amazing, open minded women came along, with the intention to learn and grow from everything 2018 had shown them, take all that forwards into 2019, as well as get a clearer understanding on what may be holding them back in achieving their goals for the year.

I wanted to share with you a ‘moment’ that I experienced during this event, because it was total clarification that I am absolutely doing what I am supposed to be doing.

No one would have witnessed the moment, I didn’t tell anyone, it was so quick and subtle, but it was a true pause in time moment.

It was as I witnessed these powerful women, talking, and supporting one another, totally unconditionally, that I felt a rush of pride and gratitude for creating and holding this space, in my creation, The Nesting Place – something I never even dreamed I would be using this space for when I set out to create it.

I had brought these beautiful women together…..little old me…..Steph Grainger, someone who just had an idea and kept trusting in herself.

It was during this pause in time, that I had a world of confirmation, that this is absolutely the right path for me, and that everything I had been doing, to date, had been leading me to this, I have never felt unaligned with my work, but I always knew I was destined for more.

Such a poignant moment, in a split second, but so profound – In that moment I felt like a super hero!

It just confirmed to me that we should always be chasing our dreams, following our intuition and most definitely allowing ourselves time to pause and take in these moments in time, where it all comes together beautifully, because we so often just let them pass by, with no acknowledgment at all.

Never settle for ‘just ok’ and if something feels sluggish and hard work, look to how you can grow on that and evolve it to the next level, and of course if you are feeling stuck, maybe fear of failure has kicked in, you can always come and chat to me


Steph xx