Why I won’t guarantee you a Six figure income, as a result of working with me!

So if that is what you are looking for when considering working with me, you may want to keep looking.

Let me divulge a little more for you, as to what I mean by above.

I have and continue to invest £££s in myself over the last 10 years of self-employment, and that has come in many forms – training, education, books, therapy, and specifically coaching in the last 3 years.

Working with a coach has seen me achieve more than you can ever quantify in monetary form. I have learned so much about myself, but I will admit that some of the lessons have been, at times, rather a bitter pill to swallow.

These lessons, of course, have taught me so much, and I can see now so clearly, that they have supported me to build strong foundations for all the ways in which I work today with my clients.

Anyone that has followed me for a while, will know that my 2018 was a toughie (read more here) and by late 2018 I was questioning everything!

What I needed 2019 too look like?

How I wanted to show up each day?

And most importantly, what to leave behind in 2018, as I was determined to come in 2019 stronger and even more focussed, which I am proud to say I have achieved!

Upon reflection now, I can openly share that I crashed and burned in 2018, I was overwhelmed and struggling with anxiety. I was coasting with my business and keeping it afloat, all whilst supporting my family during a turbulent time too.

I was desperately trying to maintain a way of life, that was not mine to claim. I simply didn’t want all that I thought I did…..I was chasing a dream that wasn’t mine, and my god it was exhausting!

I was so fucking angry! I felt that I had been sold a lie! Royally shafted and I had the bank balance to prove it.

I was so saddened with myself, and my disconnection to the woman I fought hard to become over the last 43 years – she felt completely lost to me

I now know that had I stopped and paused for just a while, to breathe and assess what it was that I actually wanted, I may have avoided some of the anger and upset (and been a little less poor) but of course, I am now able to see that despite how frightening, sad and hairy it got at times, it was also so valuable and I would go on to form such a strong foundation for my way of working with my clients.

So back to my title for this blog…

What a woman may or may not go on to earn as a result or working with me, is definitely not a selling point and actually of no interest to me at all.

You will never hear me talk about this in any of my posts or website content (and you can quote me on that!)

But let me tell you what is of huge interest to me, and what I will shout about

  • Her vision for herself and in all the ways she desires to grow
  • Her story and how it has shaped her into the beautiful woman she is today
  • The ways in which she transforms, feels lighter and free from her past
  • The way she walks out of each session
  • How she grows to love what she sees in the mirror, finally
  • The growth in her confidence, self-love and self-belief

And my own personal favourite

  • Being privileged to see the beautiful transformation occur one small step at a time

(This is by no means the end of this list, but for the sake of this BLOG I handpicked a few.)

When I see posts online that start out telling you just how much you can go onto earn from signing up to XYZ or working with a specific person, or those testimonials that say

‘A Person’ earned £12k in her first month of working with me”

 I feel saddened.

Saddened that everything has become so monetary focussed, rather than the journey that person will go one, and how they will feel, or the person they have now become, as a result.

I am the first to admit that I bought into this dream, and believed it was exactly what I wanted, when what I was actually buying was another person’s dream, I just didn’t realise that.

I do want to add here that I am certainly not laying blame at anyone else’s feet for that, trust me I have done that for too long, and as I say, been mostly irritated with myself.

Because actually, I believe that every experience is an opportunity to grow, and I am hugely grateful for ALL the lessons, even the ones that initially felt like a constant slap around the face. I have gone on to create a business I feel so aligned with as a result of them all, so I am thankful.

If what you read above appeals to you, then please get in touch.

I believe I have a way to work with all women in business, ready to release themselves from the shackles of the past and start to live their best version of themselves, every single day, come what may.

So if this appeals and you want to know more, take a look at my offerings here for more info

Steph xx